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Special Education Preschool

Early Intervention

 We provide educational services for children with disability and slow learners. Our classrooms are nurturing settings where children grow intellectually, socially, emotionally and spiritually. Equally important is our work with parents to develop supportive home environments.

In each classroom, our staff uses state-of- the- art methods to develop children’s language, literacy, and social skills. Our approaches are effective because they are grounded in a strong knowledge of child development and utilize the best practices in early childhood education and special education.

What We Offer

Early Intervention services are tailored for children 24 months to three years old with developmental delays or disabilities. Services include screening, special instructions, learning through play, counseling, parenting education and training.

Special Education Preschool services are for children three to five years old. Service includes special education in a structured classroom along and counseling depending upon the student needs and training.

Related Service – MBAC recommends on site speech/language therapy, and off site occupational and/or physical therapy, as well as counseling for children three to twenty one years of age.

Special Education Preschool Evaluations/Screenings services determine a student’s eligibility for our services. Student screening is done at the center.

Related Service

Special Education Preschool Evaluations

Primary Education

Primary Education programs serve children with special needs between the ages six to twelve years old; whose special education needs cannot be met in public school placements.

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