How do I sponsor a child ?

1. Choose a student you want to sponsor​

2. MABC will use your sponsorship contribution of any amount per month to provide your sponsor student with what he or she needs to learn.​

3. Your monthly gifts will be combined with these of other sponsors whose children enrolled in the center, so that all girls and boys will benefit.​

4. Correspond with your student through letters and pictures (only if you want) Receive regular updates and even visit your student if you like.


Make a real change in the lives of students of MBAC and thousands of children who are in Western Jamaica; by supporting MBAC through a recurring monthly gift. Your generosity and commitment will impact needy children and their families who are enrolled in MBAC. 


If you have said YES! to sponsoring a student. Thank you for making room in your heart for a precious child.


                                                 Sponsorship changes lives of students and their sponsor.


Through your sponsorship you will make a difference in your student’s life and their community. Your gifts will provide for your student’s education. Your gift will provide books, materials, school fees and teachers so your student can learn, grow and achieve more. You also help fund their transportation to get to school.


You’ll see the multiple ways your kindness makes a difference for a precious student you know by name, and whom you will grow to love.​

Congratulations on beginning this new adventure.