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Our programme has limited space, thus, an appointment is needed for screening and registration for persons who would like to be a part of our programme. There are four (4) simple steps that you should follow in order to get your student into our programme:



Step 1:             An appointment is made with the parent/guardian and student to discuss the needs of the student.


Step 2:            Students are then screened internally in cognition, behavioral, social and emotional, and motor skills.


Step 3:            In the conclusion of the discussion and screening, if it is that our center can meet the needs of the student, the                          parent/guardian is then required to;

  • Complete a registration form

  • Provide a current diagnosis/assessment of the student, so that we can tailor an appropriate programme to the student’s needs.

  • Provide a medical report ( Forms are given by the center)

  • Provide a birth certificate and immunization card for the student

  • Pay a one-time registration fee.


Step 4:            When all documentation is received, and there is available space within our programme for the student, you will be notified. At this time you will need to:

  • Pay all fees at least one week before the term begins

  • Attend our Parent only orientation

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